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4th year Alibaba Golden Supplier-新闻中心-Jina Mao An Instrument Co.,Ltd
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4th year Alibaba Golden Supplier
Posted by:mao1980 Time:2016-2-2 14:39:42 Read:291times

Dear Customers,

        Congratulations on being 4th year Golden supplier on alibaba global website.

Our company already produce and research gas generators and lab instruments for 20 years. Especially SPE/PEM technology pure hydrogen gas generator. Our products quality is top level in china market. while price is very competitive.

        Thank you for customers supporting. we already do export for more than 10 years. and being 4th years as the golden supplier on alibaba website.

        welcome visit:


        Let us win-win together!


Jinan Mao An Instrument Co.,Ltd

Golden Saqi Technology Co.,Ltd


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