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Portable PH meter
Basic Introductions:
1. Digital LCD display, with blue light at background.
2.Self-calibration, cutting off power for self-protection, auto and hand temperature compensation.
3. Five buffer liquid could be choosed to automatically calibration ( 1 or 2 point )
4. Short of voltage display, automatically power off to longer battery lifetime.
5. Could test ultra pure water PH value, Pure water PH water or boiler PH figure when using specific electrode.
6. Testing record could be stored, deleted, read, printed, maximum could store 200 items.
7. Have RS-232 connection point. Could connect TP-16 printer, also could connect data collection system or computer.
8. Outside case protection grade is IP65
9. Use combined electrode and temperature electrode
Technology Figures
1. Equipment Division Value: 0.01 PH grade
2. Measure Range:  pH: (0.00~14.00)pH  mV: (-1800~1800)mV  
                   temperature:   (-5.0~105.0)0C
3. Resolution:       pH: 0.01pH          mV: 1mV          temperature: 0.10C
4. Intrinsic Error:    pH: ±0.01pH±1 digit   mV: ±0.1% FS      temperature: ±0.30C±1 digit
5.Input Impedance: No less than 1×1012Ω
6.Stability: (±0.01pH±1 digit)/3h
7.Temperature Compensation Range: auto/ manual (-5.0~105.0)0C
8 .Size: 210×86×50mm
9.Weight: 0.5kg                     10. Input Power: battery.
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