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H2 Detector


    RBBJ series portable gas detector use high speed CPU processor. Use lithium battery. Suitable to be used in explosion proof places to test gas leakage. This detector use natural diffused to take sample gas. Use LCD screen, could directly display gas purity and measuring range. Easy use, three buttons to operate, easy understand. Inside sensor use imported qualified sensitive element, which is high precision, accuracy measurement, high interconvertibility, high level of reliability etc characters. And use protector to protect the sensor. The protector filter is used stainless steel particles material, which is good air permeability.


Technology Data:
1. Testing principle: catalytic combustion type imported sensor.
2. Testing gas: flammable gases, such as H2.
3. Sample taking method: natural diffusion.
4. Battery: Lithium
5. Nominal voltage: 3.6V, capacity 1800mAh
6. Working time:>8 hours for each charging battery.
7. Testing accuracy: ±5%F·S
8. Responding time: <30S
9. Testing range: (0-100)%LEL / (0-100)PPm / (0-1000)PPm /  (0-30)%VOL
10. Resolution: 1%LEL  /  1PPm
10. Charging voltage: DC5V
11. Working temperature:-40℃~60℃
12. Working humidity: ≤95%RH
13. Alarming: sound, light and shaking.
14. Alarming volume: ≥75dB
15. Weight: 140g
16. Charging time: 150mA/2hr
17. Working voltage: 3.6V
18. Safety grade: Exd ||Ct3


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