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oilfree vacuum pump
The newest product, the AP-02B is an adjustable pressure pump with an unique method of adjusting pressure. Using the pressure sender to detect the pressure in the system and then re-adjust the pump's working period, the AP-02B maintains a stable pressure while the current changes. With adjustable stable pressure and long-time working, the AP-02B is especially suitable for working condition as it works intermittently majority of the time.
Its flat shape body is perfect for placement under lab benches.

1. Accurate, reliable dual 'LED' pressure displays.
2. Convenient knob for adjustment of vacuum pressure.
3. Positive and negative joints allow the system to be widely applicator.
4. Double the current through its dual pump-head design
Technical Data:
  1. Max Vacuum(Kpa): 0—80 adjustable
  2. Max Pressure(Kpa) :>150
  3. Flow rate(L/min): 10L/min
  4. Power:(VA): 45
  5. Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz
  6. Size(mm):230W x 85H x 200D
  7. Weight(Kg):2.5
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