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Haze&Transmittance Meter
   WGT-S Light transmittance / haze meter is applicable for light transmission rate / fog density measurement of all transparent or semi-transparent samples with a parallel surface (plastic plates, and sheets, etc), as well as turbidity or clarity determination of liquid samples (water, and drinks, etc.). The technical design meets the requirements of relevant standards, such as GB2410-80, ASTMD1033-61 (1997), and JISK7105-81, etc. The instrument adopted a method of automatic micro-computer operation. It is convenient for use, and may display light transmission rate and fog density at the same time. There is a standard printer interface on it.

WGT-S Character: 

1. Product could meet GB2410-80, ASTMD1003-61(1997), JISK7105-81 production standard, which could reach abroad technology.

2. Use parallel illumination, semi sphere scattering, integrating sphere 

photoelectric reception method.

3. Use micro computer automatically control and data processing system, 

no button to use, convenient to operate, have standard printer interface.

4. Automatically display light transmittance/ fog density average figure among

several testing, light transmittance accuracy to 0.1%fog density accuracy display to 0.01%

5. No zero drift, output data reliable.

6. Special design for the opened mode sample window, not influenced by sample

 size limitation, quick getting result.

7. Use modulator, machine not influenced by surrounding light, not need to be

 dark room, guarantee operator safety especially testing large samples.

8. Micro computer electronic circuit, high accuracy.

9. Have standard printer interface, could connect printer.

10. Have film magnetic fixture and sample cup, bring customer convenience to use.

11. Have a piece of haze plate, easy to check machine function.


WGT-S Specifications:


1. Optical System

  * Alignment lighting, diffuse vision, integrating sphere reception mode.

  * Sample window size: In ¢ 25mm     Out: ¢ 21mm

  * Light source: C light source ( DC12V 50W tungsten halogen lamp+color correction plate)

  *Receiver: silica cell + visible function trim tab ( meet requirement V(λ) standard figure)


2. Electronic System

  * LED display

  * Minimum readout: light transmittance 0.1%, fog density: 0.01%

  * BCD series printer interface.

  * micro computer auto operation system, fog density, light transmittance auto change over, auto testing, auto calibration.

  * Micro computer data processing, several times continuous testing, display average

     testing result.


3. Testing Rang

  * Light transmittance: 0% ----100.0%

  * Fog density:       0%-----30.00%


4. Sample Size:

  * Solid standard size: 50mm*50mm

  * Solid large sample size: width 380mm      thickness: 130mm      length: no limitation

  * Liquid cell size:  50mm*50mm*10mm

  * Film sample size: 50mm*50mm


5. Verify Sample:   ¢40mm*2mm   1piece


6. Others

  * Equipment size: 740*270*300mm( L*W*H)

  * Equipment N.W: 21kgs

  * Power supply: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1 Hz

  * Surrounding: 5--35 centigrade


Main Technical Data

  * Preheating time: 30min

  * Accuracy: light transmittance : 1%

                      Fog density :   H≤0.5%,    ≤±0.1%; 

                                    H>0.5%,    ≤±0.3%;

 * Repeatability: light transmittance 0.5%

                            Fog density :  H≤0.5%,   0.05%; 

                            H>0.5%,   0.1%;



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