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Contact: Ms Sara Wu
Tel: 86-531-88166650
Fax: 86-531-86038855
Mobile: 86-15963119850
Address: No. 726 Hualong Road, Jinan, China

主 题:   Request AAS price list accessories
Good day,
please provide the price list for :
Hollow cathode lamps,
AAS graphite tubes,
Other accessories, if available.
留言者:  Petr Krasnov 留言时间:   2018-10-1 回复时间:   2018-10-18
dear Peter,

thank your for your inquiry.
our company professionally produce hollow cathode lamps and AAS graphite tubes for more than 40 years.

catalogue and pricelist already send to your email.
pls check your email.

Jinan Mao An Instrument Co.,ltd
主 题:   H2 Inhalation Machine HX600
I would like to buy one of the machine for my personal use.

How much will it cost to buy one.

How much will be the delivery charge for the machine to be transported to Shenzhen.  

How much will be the delivery charge for the machine to be transported to Hong Kong.

Please send me a copy of the brochure/User Manual for my reference.

Thank you !
留言者:  Mr. Kong 留言时间:   2017-11-13 回复时间:   2018-2-12
dear Kong,

thank you for your inquiry. already send you email and price.

sara wu
Jinan Mao An Instrument 
主 题:   Cheap h2 generator JM-300
Hi, please, i want to know the last price for 1 set, hidrogen generator JM-300, and shipping cost, i am in Spain. I also want to know the payment system, accept paypal? Thanks.

Jose Ortega Parreno
留言者:  Jose Ortega 留言时间:   2015-1-9 回复时间:   2015-2-2
Dear Jose,

thank you for inquiry our JM-300 H2 generator.
it is produced by our company. H2 flow rat: 0--300ml/min, 99.999%,
4bar pressure. price is less than USD500.
exactly price and catalogue already send to your email.

Hope could cooperate

Jinan Mao An Instrument Co.,Ltd
主 题:   HOG series price request.
Please provide us your best fob prices for the HOG Series HHO Generators.
further to request that if you have 12V DC and 24VDC models for the HHO generators price as well.
Please provide the tech details for power/ Watts required for each generator for evaluation.


Engr. Junaid
留言者:   留言时间:   2014-12-12 回复时间:   2015-2-2
Dear Sir,

already send our HHO generator catalogue and price to your email.
any question contact us

Jinan Mao An Instrument Co.,Ltd
主 题:   Hydroxide generator to Car ang Plant
Dear Miss, Mao, we are now in China, we are today fly to Shangay, is posible to see your sistemas to HHO generation in any place of Shangay, do you have any representative in shangay, tank a lot
留言者:  Bernardo Herrera 留言时间:   2014-10-19 回复时间:   2014-12-4
Dear Sir,

    We have machine in shanghai to let your see. Our HHO generator flwo rate from 70L/hr to 600L/hr full models for your choice. Pls give a call to: 86-18660315403 to appoint meeting.

Jinan Mao An Insrument Co.,Ltd
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