PEM Hydrogen Generator

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PEM Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen Generator Introduction:

      Jinan Mao An Instrument Co.,Ltd professionally produce hydrogen generator in China for 30 years. Focus on SPE/PEM H2 generator, PEM electrolytic cell production. PEM full name is Proton Exchange Membrane. Also called SPE technology ( solid polymer electrolyte). Only electrolysis pure water( no need to add alkaline) to produce high purity hydrogen. It is world advanced technology which can replace the hydrogen gas cylinder. Our machine is safe, high conversion efficiency and continuously gas generation.

     We have H2 flow rate from 0--4000ml/min, H2 output purity reaches 99.999%, standard machines H2 output pressure is 0--0.4MPa, we also produce higher pressure machine up to 1MPa. Output pressure is very stable. No fluctuation.

      We have model NO: SPE-300/600/1000/2000/3000/4000. All machines have: H2 output flow rate display, H2 output pressure display, Water level display, over high pressure safety protection.

      Inside core part “PEM cell” also produced by us for 30 years. Very durable to be used for 5--10 years. We use USA “ Dupont” brand PEM membrane, platinum as catalyst, 100% titanium electrode etc, reasonable structure etc. All these guarantee that our hydrogen generator is very durable to be used for years without any problem.