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Nebulizer is the core in the flame atomization system of the atomic absorption spectrophotometer. It is a kind of pneumatic atomization sampling device that absorbs and sprays sample solution and converts it into aerosol. Its performance is related to the detection limit, stability, precision, and so on of the instrument.

       Our products are on the basis of traditional metal coated glass high-efficiency atomizer technology, introduced current international advanced atomization technology. It is highly efficient, durable,  high sensitivity, high stability, and ease of use. It plays a decisive role in improving the sensitivity, detection limit, and stability of the instrument

 Working principle:

When the compressed gas is ejected from the atomizer nozzle at high speed, negative pressure generated near the nozzle, allow the sample solution to be pumped,

outflow through capillary, and is broken into aerosols by high-speed airflow.


1. Stable working performance, Excellent atomization effect

2. Both the high performance of glass atomizer and the robustness of metal atomizer

3. The sensitivity reaches the high level of flame atomic absorption spectrometry

4. No user adjustment, excellent performance remains unchanged for a long time

5. we can supply different nebulizer for all manufacturers at home and abroad


                     We supply different nebulizers for all the brands AAS in the world