HX-1000A Hydrogen generator for healthy

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HX-1000A Hydrogen generator for healthy


HX-1000A/HX-2000 hydrogen inhalation machines are large flow rate hydrogen inhalation machine. HX-1000A model H2 flow rate at 1L/min, O2 flow at 0.5L/min; HX-2000 model H2 flow rate at 2L/min, O2 flow rate at 1L/min. Metal case strong machine with wheels.

   Machines use world advanced SPE/PEM technology. Through electrolysis of only pure water, it produces 99.99% high purity hydrogen. Hydrogen output flow and pressure are both very stable.

     Machine inside core part “ PEM Electrolysis Cell” is produced by us for 30 years. Due to use of only high-quality parts, these durable machines will continue to produce hydrogen for 5--10 trouble-free year.

      The unit has H2 output flow rate display, H2 output pressure display, Water level display. Water is easy to replace through water drain port. Can produce only pure H2 output port or H2 and O2 two output ports machines. Customer can select to use only pure hydrogen gas or hydrogen and oxygen mixed gases together.