HX-600E/1200E hydrogen inhaler

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HX-600E/1200E hydrogen inhaler

HX-600E/1200E Introduction( Floor Type)

           HX-600E/1200E is equipped world advanced SPE technology ( solid polymer electrolyte), also called PEM( Proton Exchange Membrane). Through electrolysis of pure water, it produces high purity hydrogen reaching upwards of 99.99%. One machine is suited for several applications: Inhalation; Making hydrogen rich water; skin treatment etc...

HX-600E/1200E are floor type with four wheels, easy move, advanced digital type machine. With supper large English digital screen,display H2 flow, using time, water level condition and H2 purity. Also have sleep mode. Touch screen, microcomputer automatically control, very easy operation.

H2 flow is adjustable at random. HX-600E: H2 flow is 0--600ml/min.O2 flow at 0--300ml/min; HX-1200E: H2 flow is 0--1200ml/min, O2 Flow is 0--600ml/min; Have timing function, can set using hour and minutes (Add or reduce time in half an hour) , have short of water alarm function. Screen brightness also can be set.

Whole machine outside is made high quality ABS plastic. Streamline design, easy to move. Due to our 30 years production experience, these durable machines will continue to produce hydrogen for 5--10 years trouble-free.




H2 Flow

Adjustable from 0--600ml/min 

Adjustable from 0--1200ml/min

O2 Flow

Adjustable from 0--300ml/min

Adjustable from 0--600ml/min

H2 Output Purity


H2 Output Pressure

                            About 0.2MPa ( Under Stable Pressure ) 

Input Power ( W/hr )



Power& Voltage

AC 220±10or 110±10%, 50--60Hz

Time Setting Range

00:30 to 24.00 hours; Add or reduce time in half an hour

Brightness setting

                                            Brightness adjustable

Water level display

                         Display water level, short of water alarm function

Water Consumption


 Water tank capacity: 3L

 normally 5 to 7 days refilling water.

Water Requirement

 De-ionized water,Electrical resistivity> 2Megohm/cm or conductivity less than 0.5us.cm

Equipment Weigh



Machine Size(L*W*H, cm)

           37*30*52cm(not include handle height), packed in plywood case