PEM Technology Introduction

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SPE/PEM Technology General Introduction:

       SPE/PEM technology is short of "solid phase extraction" and Proton Exchange Membrane". such technology is world advanced water electrolysis technology to make pure hydrogen gas .It only use little electricity and pure water, to produce pure hydrogen gas. No need to add KOH. 


Working Principle:

   After giving DC electricity ,water will be decomposed at once at the anode : 2H2 O = 4H+ + 2O-2. The decomposed negative oxyanion (O-2) will immediately release electron to form oxygen (O2), which will then be discharged from the anode chamber with some water into the water tank. The water can be used circularly, oxygen will be discharged into the atmosphere. The hydrogen proton, in the form of aqua ion (H+ ·XH2 O), and under the action of electric field force , through SPE ion membrane, will arrive in the cathode to absorb electron to form hydrogen ,which will then be discharged from the cathode chamber    

Catalyst Coating Technology

   We use Chemical Precipitation Method. One piece membrane, two sides both use Pt(Platinum) metal. One membrane need 2 days for making catalyst inside of membrane slowly by slowly.

   To treat such long time, catalyst already osmosis inside of membrane. Very firm, not easy fall off. Even use your fingernail scrape, you will not get catalyst off.

   But mostly other suppliers use new and quick production technology, such as hot pressure catalyst coating technology or brush catalyst on the membrane. Whole process is a very quickly  production. Just use machine to press or brush catalyst on the surface of the membrane. After using some time, catalyst is very easy fall off little by little. Whole cell lifetime is short. Can only use several thousand hours or half one year. Right now, already have seldom company use the traditional ways to coating membrane, as it is a very slow treatment. It take much time and much cost. This is the important reason why our cell can be used for 5--10 years.

Our Cell lifetime:

As long as use qualified water and proper input current.

Our cell is durable to be used. Lifetime more than 20000 hours, normally can use 5--10 years

Other cheap cell is quite shorter lifetime 2--6 months. 1000--6000 hours.